Consultancy services to the music software industry

Music software design

  • Work with developers during design and user requirements analysis phases.
  • Specify and explain features for accessibility, and interfacing to standard assistive technology.

Custom assistive software

  • Design and construct custom overlay sets for common assistive systems — such as Grid2 and SAW5 — to operate specific music software.
  • Overlay sets can be supplied with music software, or made available FOC on access companies’ websites, providing another customer route.

Music software testing

  • Work with developers during testing phases, to test and refine access features.
  • Check operation with a range of access systems, and report.

Access documentation

  • Create or contribute to user guides or online help, for operating music software with a range of access systems.

Services for schools, colleges, councils, or individuals

We can offer various kinds of help to institutions or individuals — to facilitate operation of music and other software by, or for, disabled students.

Discussion and analysis of needs

  • Determining which hardware and/or computer software might be needed to facilitate your specific needs: either a new system, or additions or alterations to existing systems you have.
  • This could also include observation, demonstrations, or trials with prospective users of alternative systems or components.

Equipment and software advice and recommendations

  • General or detailed recommendations can be made for equipment or software to fulfil your requirements. This could be individual items, or a complete connected system.
  • Supply and/or set-up of systems, or components
  • Equipment or software can be supplied pre-configured, or can be set up on site. Individual items can be set up to fit into an existing system, or a complete new system can be supplied and set up.

Training or instructions

  • Training in using your system (whether new or pre-existing) for disabled access can be given to staff.
  • This can include the provision of simplified instruction sheets for your specific system.

Customisation of music or assistive software

  • Common assistive systems (e.g. Grid2 or SAW5) can be configured for your specific needs, e.g. to operate music software by a student.
  • Specialist music software (e.g. ‘Compose World’ or ‘E-Scape’) can also be supplied and set-up, e.g. to compose or perform unaided using switches.